Two New Horses

Two new Benchmark Hospitality “employees”, one 10 years old and the other 20 years old, have started their “new employee training” at Turtle Bay Resort. Their training program is expected to take at least 8 weeks to complete. Only after successful completion of their training program and after passing with perfect scores their final test will they be allowed to service guests of the resort.

2009-cherokeeMeet Cherokee (pictured left), a 10 year old paint gelding and Mojave (pictured below), a 20 year old appaloosa gelding, who are the newest horses at The Stables at Turtle Bay Resort.

2009-mojaveExperiencing the majestic natural beauty of Oahu’s North Shore on horseback is a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime. The Stables at Turtle Bay Resort supply a variety of different packages based on both the time available to the guest and the rider’s skill level. All provide a picturesque ride along the area’s spectacular beaches, tropical forests and sandy coastline.

The new horses will go through a two month training program where they will be ridden only by The Stables’ expert handlers along the trails in order to acclimatize the pair to their new environment. They will be carefully monitored by each of the handlers, allowing both horses to meet all the staff and all the staff to get to know both horses. Only after passing their final exams (knowledge of the trails, comfortableness in their new surroundings, etc.) will they be able to join the proud ranks of horses that supply rides for excited guests.

For further information and to reserve your ride, check out our website at or contact the stables at (808) 447-6569.

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  1. Joe Says:


    Luke (2.5 years old now) can’t recommend the pony ride enough. He still talks about Bubba and Tim to this day! His ride was one of our best memories of our family trip the the islands.

    Congrats on the new horses. Luke hopes to make it back there soon!

    On another note, is there any way to email the stable pictures of Luke riding Bubba and Tim and Luke looking at the horses?



  2. android Says:

    im kinda sick of the battery on my phone going down so fast, it annoys the crap outta me, see what happens, find a good site and BAM my battery is dead, so yeah, i luckily had enough battery to read this and post the comment haha, i have no life. yay me!

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