World Fire Knife Competition

Just in case you actually thought you needed an excuse to come visit us next week, we thought we’d go ahead and provide you with one. Make arrangements to enjoy the 18th Annual Samoan World Fire Knife Competition at the Polynesian Cultural Center, to be held May 12th to May 15th, 2010, and stay just down the road at the luxurious Turtle Bay Resort.

The Polynesian Cultural Center will be bringing together the most exciting and daring ‘ailao afi dancers from Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti and elsewhere from around the world to compete in front of live audiences for honor, for cash prizes, and for the world title. For four days these dancers will thrill you with their tremendous athletic abilities and they pit their skills, bravery, superb coordination and fire against bare skin.

Wednesday, May12th – 7:45 pm at the Hale Aloha. This night will begin the competition as all senior competitors will go head to head. At the end of the evening, nine semi-finalists will be named that will go on to the next level of competition the next night.

Thursday, May 13th – 7:45 pm at the Hale Aloha. The nine semi-finals will compete and be reduced to three finalists that will go on to compete on both Friday and Saturday nights. This night will also showcase the junior division and the open duet division competitors, with the winners in both divisions being named at the end of the evening.

Friday, May 14th – 7:30 pm at the Pacific Theater. The first round of the world fireknife championship will take place with the three finalists competing during the intermission of the night show.

Saturday, May 15th – 9:00 am at the Pacific Theater. This morning event features the Samoan Festival High School Competitions, including oratory, traditional skills such as fire making, coconut husking, songs and dances by high school students from throughout Oahu, with winners being named at the end of the event.

Saturday, May 15th – 7:30 pm at the Pacific Theater.  The final round of the world fire knife championship will take place with the three finalists competing during the intermission of the night show. The title of “World Fire knife Champion” will be awarded at a special ceremony following the end of the night show.

Tickets are available through the Polynesian Cultural Center’s Website or by calling 808-293-3333.

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