3rd Annual Business Expo

The North Shore Chamber of Commerce presents its 3rd Annual Business Exposition at Turtle Bay Resort on May 25, 2011. The event starts at 8:00 am and runs to 6:30 pm.

Sponsored by Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii Human Resources, First Hawaiian Bank, Kamehameha Schools, North Shore News, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and Waialua Soda Works, this event brings in this year as the Keynote Speaker Don Horner, Chief Executive Officer of First Hawaiian Bank, Board Chair of the Hawaii Tourism Authority and most recently appointed as Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie’s first selection to the newly created state Board of Education.

The Expo offers six 45-minute seminars on a variety of relevant topics and it gives business owners along the North Shore an opportunity to mix with each other and learn together and from each other throughout the course of the day.

Cost is 40 for North Shore Chamber of Commerce Members and $50 for everyone else. Registrations forms can be downloaded at www.gonorthshore.org.

Prix Fixe Wine Pairing

Turtle Bay Resort’s top tier Executive Chef Hector Morales is busy working with Twenty One Degrees North’s Chef de Cuisine John Armstrong and with Silver Oak and Twomey in order to create a special night to savor, sip, and remember…a Prix Fixe Wine Pairing night at the exclusive and romantic restaurant Twenty One Degrees North.

picture of 21 degrees northAs we approach the summer season, north shore sunsets occur outside Twenty One Degrees North’s windows as you dine on the fantastic creations that Chef Hector and Chef John have created. Add to that Silver Oak and Twomey wineries…and you have the mathematical formula for ultimate success and the ultimate treatment for your senses and taste-buds.

The Pairing Menu consists of:

1st Course: Mango Glazed Opakapaka,  Melted Leeks, Molokai Sweet Potatoes,  paired with a 2009 Twomey Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc.

2nd Course: Polenta Crusted Crab Cake & Spicy Hauula Tomatoes paired with a 2006 Twomey Napa Valley Merlot.

3rd Course: Pepper Crusted Wagyu Medallion, Roasted Summer Vegetables, Potato Gratin with Roasted Pepper Relish paired with a 2006 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

4th Course: Waialua Chocolate Pate, House Made Spiced Mocha Sorbet and Macadamia Nut Shortbread paired with a Taylor Fladgate 10 year old Tawney Port.

Price is $75 without wine and $95 with the wine selections, excluding tax and gratuity.

Doors will open at 6 pm with a no-host bar and dinner will begin promptly at 6:30 pm. Reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card. You must cancel within 48 hours. A cancellation/no show charge of $50 per person will be applied.

Reservations are required. call (808) 293-6053 to reserve your spot today!

Pearl City Elementary Performs

The Pearl City Elementary School Chorus entertained the guests of Turtle Bay Resort today in the main lobby. The Chorus is made up of 4th to 6th grades students. The Chorus was under the direction of Ginny Iwami.

The Chorus started with a group of traditional Hawaiian songs, then moved into a series of medleys that covered just about every era from traditional folk songs, through the 70s, 80s and 90s, to even current Glee songs.

The local highlight, however, was when a young hula dancer performed to the Chorus’ rendition of Koke’e.

The Pearl City Elementary Chorus stayed at Turtle Bay Resort as part of program developed by the group that included tours of the Waimea Valley and the Polynesian Cultural Center. Through these experiences the children involved were able to have hands on experiences with the history and the culture of the Hawaiian songs they perform.

We’ll leave you with the Chorus’ rendition of Koke’e (if you look close toward the left in front of the Chorus you will see the young hula dancer):

Mother’s Day Brunch

Treat your mother  to an elegant Mother’s Day Brunch to be remembered!

Turtle Bay Resort will be serving up a special Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday, May 8th, with seatings in the Kuilima Ballroom at 10:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm.  Live Entertainment will be provided by the Ka’ala Boys

Hot selections will include Carved to Order Roast Prime Rib, Poached Eggs with Crab Hash, Basil Linguine and Five Spice Pork Tenderloin.

Sides, salads, & display highlights will include Marinated Grilled Vegetable Platter, Crispy Spinach & Warm Bacon Vinaigrette, Caprese, Tabouleh, & Roasted Asian Duck Salads and Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken or Blackened Ahi.

Seafood will include Tako & Ahi Poke, Marinated Mussels and Grilled Calamari Steak Salad.

Action stations will include Belgian Waffles with Toppings Station, Eggs & Omelet Station, Teppanyaki Station and Veggie & Vegan Stir Fry Stations.

Soup will be Hauula Tomato Bisque.

Dessert highlights will include Banana’s Foster Station, Apple Mango Galette, Meyer Lemon Tarts and Coconut Almond Honey Cakes.

Prices are $42 Adults and $21 Children ages 4-11. A 15% service charge and 4.712% tax will be added to the final bill.

Reservations must be guaranteed and tickets are non-refundable. To make your reservation or to purchase your tickets call (808) 293-6053.

SUP @ Turtle Bay Resort

The Hans Hedemann Surf School (located at Turtle Bay Resort) and  C4Waterman conducted a clinic at Turtle Bay Resort today to introduce Turtle Bay Resort’s managers to the rapidly growing sport of SUP (Stand Up Paddle surfing). The results?  Kai Lenny, current Stand Up Paddle surfing champion of the world and official ambassador of Turtle Bay Resort has nothing to worry about. None of Turtle Bay Resort’s management is gong to be taking away his title any time soon! Turtle Bay Resort’s staff, instead of becoming overnight professionals, just had the most wonderful, relaxing time. (albeit that some are now a little sore this afternoon having used muscle groups this morning that are not in their normal routines).

Stand up paddle surfing is great exercise, is family fun (if our management team can do it you can do it) and it is a great way to enjoy all that nature and Hawaii have created. This morning sea turtles watched us having fun…and we got to watch sea turtles having fun.

Next trip to Turtle Bay Resort, if you’re not thinking you can handle the North Shore surf, but you want to have some fun…contact the surf shop and they’ll set you up in a sheltered bay and you too can have the ride of your life!

Easter Morning Service

Come join Pastor Ron Valenciana in a special Easter Morning Worship Service at Turtle Bay Resort. This special service will be held in Turtle Bay Resort’s beach-side Pavilion and will feature music and messages appropriate to the season. Special guests joining Pastor Ron are both the 2006 Mrs. Hawaii Arlene Newman, who had a starring role in the recent movie release “Soul Surfer” and the 2011 Mrs. North Shore Shawn Paracuelles. Both will be performing a hula.

Services start at 9:00 am and will continue for approximately one hour.

BYUH Students Teach

Class members from Dr. Lenard Huff’s BUSM 422 (Marketing Research) class from Brigham Young University Hawaii made a presentation to Turtle Bay Resort’s General Manager, Resort Manager, CFO and other key executives today summarizing their winter semester’s class project, which was a marketing research project looking into several programs at the resort.

“The presentation was exceptionally well done”, said Robin Ide, Director of Sales for Turtle Bay Resort. “They gave us a lot of information we can really use going forward to make our programs better”, stated Jan Kribell, Turtle Bay Resort’s Escape Club Manager. The resort’s General Manager and Resort Manager were equally impressed and they got together with Professor Huff after the presentation to discuss possible internships that would focus on implementing some of their recommendations.

Today’s event represents a continuation of the relationship that Turtle Bay Resort has with Brigham Young University Hawaii. This same class (as far as title, but not the same students) worked, as their class project, on the research and set up of Turtle Bay Resort’s Escape Club several years ago. One of the students from that class subsequent worked as an intern to implement the recommendations of that project. Turtle Bay Resort’s Public Relations Manager was invited this semester to be a visiting guest professor, teaching BUSM 308 (Entrepreneur Practicum), where students had to prepare and present a business plan to a group of investors. Mike Wilkins, the resort’s Director of Sales and Marketing was invited to be a guest lecturer for several classes over this past semester as well.

All of this fits squarely with the values of Benchmark Hospitality International, the management company of Turtle Bay Resort. Benchmark believes in strong community relationships and educational relationships with local schools and universities…so much so they have a program entitled “Hometown Hospitality”.

So the next time you are enjoying a specific program at Turtle Bay Resort, it just might be of interest to know that there is a good likelihood that a local school was at least partially involved in its creation and/or maintenance.

Womens Pipeline Pro Celebration

Turtle Bay Resorts own Bay Club hosted the 2011 Women’s Pipeline Pro Celebration last night. The event organizers brought in live entertainment at the beginning of the evening but then turned over the music to a DJ who spun dance tunes until the wee hours of the morning. This evening event was one of many surrounding the 2011 Women’s Pipeline Pro surf contest and it allowed the young women to dress up and enjoy themselves. And they did.

The top women’s pipeline surfers and staff enjoyed a Mexican buffet prepared by Turtle Bay Resorts culinary team. Videos of women surfing were shown from all the televisions in the Bay Club all night long including some footage of this year’s event.

Special awards were given in the different categories, with one award getting unique attention (and one that none of the women really wanted to win). Pipeline is not a forgiving wave and just being in the wrong place can cause major pain…so great applause was awarded the recipient of the wipe-out queen award.

Another highlight of the evening was the San Lorenzo bikini model show. These locally designed and sold bikinis are available at www.sanlorenzobikinis.com.

We enjoyed being one of the sponsors of the 2011 Women’s Pipeline Pro and we look forward to next yea!. More information and this years results can be found at www.pipegirls.com.

Soul Surfer is Fantastic!

Soul Surfer is the “must see” movie of this weekend, not only because it prominently features Turtle Bay Resort in the beginning but because it is fun, emotional, motivational and spectacular! Take your family, take your partner or just take yourself…but GO!

At the earliest showing of Soul Surfer available today near Turtle Bay Resort the audience got involved. At one point the audience’s hands shot up in the air and some people even stood up out of their seats as if cheering for their favorite super bowl team. At other places people clapped. There were lots of tears and lots of moments of celebration.

Check it out today!

This is the “must see” movie of this weekend, not only because it prominently features Turtle Bay Resort in the beginning but because it is fun, emotional, motivational and spectacular! Take your family, take your partner or just take yourself…but GO!

Soul Surfer – In Theaters Now!

There is no way that Turtle Bay Resort could not make a posting on its blog regarding the current  release in theaters world-wide of the movie of Soul Surfer: yet this particular posting became amazingly difficult to write. As I reviewed pictures, booking records, filming notes, etc., and after I read review after review from across the world it became obvious that rather than using the traditional “reporting” style of writing used in the other postings on this blog that it would have to be personal because that is just the way it was. This film is personal.

Roy “Dutch” Hofstetter checked into Turtle Bay Resort as a guest in October of 2008. One of the first things he did after checking in was to meet with me and he “pitched” me with the idea of making and filming a movie at Turtle Bay Resort called Soul Surfer, based on the life of Bethany Hamilton. He gave me a copy of Bethany’s book “Soul Surfer” and a preliminary copy of the script. Having several movie and television productions under my belt at the resort, including the highly successful Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I eagerly went to work and I became convinced that this was something that just had to be done.

I next met with our then General Manager, Bob Boyle, and we discussed all possible options and I went back to Dutch. It was all too wonderful to be true. Turtle Bay Resort was ready…but then backer, after backer, after backer…after backer of the film Soul Surfer ‘backed out’. Dutch, rather than becoming discouraged or giving up…just kept on making the next attempt, while continuing to sell off his own personal assets in order to keep his room at Turtle Bay Resort. I often joked with him that “when this movie happens I will need to put a brass plaque in front of your room stating ‘To Dutch Hofstadter, the man who never gave up”.

Month after month turned into years…and nothing seamed to really happen. Dutch’s promotional bill, as he solicited investor after investor and writer after writer continued to climb. I remember a very critical meeting with me, Bob Boyle, and with our Revenue Manger. Bob looked me in the eye and asked “what do you think?” I responded that “he has no contract, every attempt he has made has failed…but somehow I believe he can actually do it.” He then asked me one more question that I will never forget. He asked “if he does get it, will he remember and reward our contribution?” Without hesitation I said “yes”.

Bob Boyle then sat down with Dutch. No one else was invited to that meeting and I would love to know what was discussed or agreed to…but I’m sure I never will know. All I know is that Bob then came to me and said “make sure this movie gets made!”

Shortly after that event I was introduced, by Dutch, to Brookwell McNamara. I have since become close, personal friends with David and Sean. I was introduced to a key set of financial backers who were willing to back them making this film. The process went forward.

Finally, winter of 2010, more than two years after I had first met Dutch, production started. Hawaii based film crews were hired. Bob Boyle and Tom Cross, (Turtle Bay Resort’s Resort Manager), looked at me with disbelief as I said a “half pipe” was going to be built next to the resort’s pool. But they let me do it. As we worked through issue after issue that naturally takes place with onsite filming over two months a great synergy started to take place.

I had to reflect this past week as I’ve been involved in the events leading up to the release of this movie tomorrow that a few days ago I mentioned to a colleague that I really wish Bob Boyle had seen all this (he passed away this last fall). My colleague reminded me that Bob had the opportunity to see and present the Director’s Cut of Soul Surfer to key group of Turtle Bay Resort staff members shortly before his passing. I had forgotten that…but was so ever thankful for the reminder.

Dutch, true to his word and what I told Bob Boyle he would do, ensured that Turtle Bay Resort was prominently recognized in this movie. Sean and David…to you I only give thanks that Bob got to see your work (and the work of your entire staffs and everyone else involved) before he left this world for a better place.

So check out Soul Surfer, opening tomorrow, Friday, April 8th. From Hawaii and partially filmed at Turtle Bay Resort.

World Fireknife Competition

The ancient origins of the nifo oti [“deadly tooth”] was as an actual battle weapon. With knifes and hooks at the ends of the handle, a warrior of strength could twirl it quickly and it would become like a giant saw, cutting anything that came in contact with it, including the person handling it. So it is not surprising that the same skills needed to use the tool in war could evolve into the most exciting form of Polynesian entertainment today, the ‘ailao afi. The world’s best will display their skill and courage from May 11th through May 14th at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Yes, those are real flames and yes, those are real blades. This contest requires exceptional talent and abilities because one small mistake can result in severe cuts and/or burns.

For the first two days, the events will be held in the Polynesian Cultural Center’s Hale Aloha dinner theater. Friday’s evening event and Saturday’s day and evening events will be held in the Pacific Theater. Purchase your tickets online now to secure a seat at www.polynesia.com. And don’t forget to make your reservations for Turtle Bay Resort at the same time at www.turtlebayresort.com.

Check out this clip from last years event:

Women’s Pipeline Pro

The best extreme women surfers in the world, from places such as Puerto Rico, Japan, Venezuela, Australia, England, Ireland, the United States, Brazil and France, have gathered around the North Shore, waiting for the right waves to roll into the world famous Banzai Pipeline. The 2011 Science Hawaii Pipeline Women’s Pro’s waiting period runs March 29th to April 12th. All that is needed it 3 good days of waves!

The Pipeline Women’s Pro is the only all women’s event held at the Banzai Pipeline and it attracts talented surfers to compete in shortboarding, longboarding, bodyboarding, and stand up paddleboarding events. The event’s motto is “we can do anything we want” and programs are established that will promote strong, independent women as role models for young women.

This year the event will also work hard to promote organic lifestyles and will be run “green”. The events will use no plastics, will recycle, will use solar energy…it will even use “reused” trophies. Banners will be made out of organic materials and t-shirts, etc., will all use water based inks and dies. Turtle Bay Resort is pleased to be a sponsor of this fine event.

This year’s schedule is as follows:

March 29-April 12       Ehukai Beach Park (Pipeline), 8am to 4pm, waves permitting

April 2                          Celebration of Artists, 6:30 pm, Wyland Galleries

April 9                          Awards and Autograph Party, 6pm, Bay Club, Turtle Bay Resort

April 12                        Final Celebration, 8pm, Pizza Bobs

For more information and last minute changes go to www.pipegirls.com.

Directions and map from Turtle Bay Resort to Pipeline are included below. Click on the images for a larger version.







New General Manager

Danna Holck will be taking over the reigns of Turtle Bay Resort as General Manager on April 11th and Danna is excited to be returning to her native island homeland.

Danna is of Hawaiian, Japanese and Norwegian descent and she was born and raised in Kailua. She grew up in a military family (her father was a soldier with the U.S. military’s most highly decorated unit, the 442nd Infantry). She loved the traditional values of her native islands including dancing the hula from age 5 and she dreamed of becoming a professional hula dancer. She attended local schools and the University of Hawaii’s School of Travel Industry Management.

Danna started her career in hospitality by working with sales and marketing at hotels in California, Hawaii and Florida. Throughout her career she has held numerous general manager and executive-level positions at major brand properties in resort destinations throughout the United States, with her most recent position being the general manager for Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

“This is a full-circle career trajectory for me,” Danna said, referring to her return home to Hawaii. “I’m looking forward to working with my team at Turtle Bay Resort and to reconnecting with my kama’aina friends of many, many, years. It’s good to be home!”

Please join us in welcoming Danna Holck to Turtle Bay Resort.

Off the Map – Turtle Bay Connection

Tune your dial to ABC tonight, March 23rd, to see Spencer (a Turtle Bay Resort Surf Instructor) fall “Off the Map”

Unlike the likes of LOST, Cougar Town, Pirates of the Caribbean IV, Enlightened and Soul Surfer, all of which filmed on property of Turtle Bay Resort, ABC’s new show Off the Map has not used any of the resort’s jungles or lands in filming its first season. However, that does not mean that there is no connection between Off the Map and Turtle Bay Resort. Quite the opposite.

Turtle Bay Resort works extensively with two schools in its immediate vicinity, Kahuku High School and Brigham Young University Hawaii. The resort’s staff has taught courses at both institutions, has worked with internships and partnerships with both institutions and has worked with career opportunities with both. So how does Turtle Bay Resort tie in with Off the Map?

Take a look at Cody Mafatu Easterbrook, a graduate of Brigham Young University Hawaii with a degree in international culture studies and communications. Last fall, Cody wrote, produced, filmed and edited a made for television half hour feature on Turtle Bay Resort’s Seafood Festival and in last week’s episode of Off the Map he played a titled role as Ramirez, a young guard who reluctantly runs to the rescue to stop a bleeder when a doctor passes out during surgery. “I got a call to audition for the part on a Monday and I was in wardrobe and on set that very Friday! I learned that your life can change in an instant! So be prepared because in this industry you never know what will come your way!”

Cody is also grateful for the work that allows him to stay in Hawaii. “I think it is great that so many productions have come to call Hawaii home. Not only do they boost our local economy but they give Hawaii actors and crews the great opportunity to participate in the magic of Hollywood while living in their own island homes.”

And then there is  Spencer Deavila. Spencer lives in the Kahuku/La’ie area and he attended Brigham Young University Hawaii. He is also a surf instructor at the Hans Hedemann Surf School at Turtle Bay Resort. He currently also works on Off the Map as stunt double and stand in for Actor Zack Gilford, who plays Dr. Tommy Fuller on the series. In the March 23rd episode he fell through a wooden scaffold.

Spencer attributes his experience on the show with teaching him how to work hard and enjoy life at the same time. “I have learned how to work 16 hour days and stay happy”, he said. He also feels that the show helps the Hawaiian economy as he sees many others, like himself, earning money while living local.

And then there is Joshua Aplaca, originally from Haleiwa and now living in La’ie. Joshua is just starting to attend Brigham Young University Hawaii. He has worked as a Photo Double and Background on Hawaii Five O, was an Extra on Cougar Town and is both Featured Background and an Extra on Off the Map.

Joshua appreciates the opportunity he has been given. “…So many people see the end product but never see what it takes to make filming. It really does take any army. I see more and more shows being filmed on the island. It’s a major increase not only for Hawaii financially but also its popularity as a tourist destination as viewers see these shows who have never been here.”

Finally take Kealohilani Wallace, a Kahuku High School Valedictorian, a graduate of Brigham Young University Hawaii in International Business with a Digital Media emphasis and a minor in Polynesian Studies and a Hau’ula resident. She worked as a “day player” on Off the Map as a Locations Assistant. She was also called twice to be an extra for Off the Map but was not able to work due to scheduling conflicts.

Kealohilani is also grateful for the opportunities she has been given from Off the Map. “This show was my way back into Locations. I got into locations with LOST, but then had to hop around different departments as a production assistant until Off the Map. This job got me on my desired career path doing Locations and I have been able to be hired as a Locations Assistant ever since.”

She is also a big supporter of filming in Hawaii. “I think it is impacting our economy in a very positive way. Every dollar that Off the Map spends while in Hawaii goes to benefit local businesses. And every local hire they acquire gives an opportunity to further that person’s experience. It is especially good for young people trying to break into the business. Many of my friends have been hired for either a better position than they have ever had before, or even given their first chance ever to work in this industry.”

If you have not checked out ABC’s Off the Map, do so today (it airs on Wednesdays). Check your local listings. Your viewership just might be what it takes to boost the rating enough to keep this show…and filming around Turtle Bay Resort…going for another season!

Chef Hector Commendation

Turtle Bay Resort’s Executive Chef Hector Morales was presented an official plaque from the Department of the Navy as a special commendation for Chef Hector’s continuing service to the local North Shore community. Specifically, this commendation cited Chef’s Hector’s efforts during the 2010 NCTAMS PAC Operation Aloha community event that fed more than 450 people at a special Thanksgiving dinner. Chief David Watkins made the presentation.

The commendation reads in part “On a day known for giving, the men and women of NCTAMS PAC, Waialua Community Association, North Shore volunteers, entertainers, and many others’ combined efforts made this a day many will remember. Chef Morales, you and your teams’ exceptional dedication and personal integrity reflect great credit upon yourself and the Turtle Bay Resort. Thank you for your continued support!” The commendation is signed by P. Cole, Captian, U.S. Navy, Commanding Officer of the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Pacific.

To Chef Hector and the entire culinary team – we are proud to work with you!

The Pony Experience

Turtle Bay Resort has a couple of new employees that are kicking up a bit of excitement. Meet Elvis (a boy and in the right side of the picture),  who is nine years old and Lilikoi (a girl and in the left side of the picture), who is 8 years old. Both are actually full grown horses…just in miniature size.

These two new employees are an instrumental part of the Stables at Turtle Bay Resort’s latest adventure, the “Pony Experience”, which is a 15 minute, hands-on activity for children 6 years and younger. This experience includes helping to groom and feed the animals and taking either a ride on them or in a pony drawn cart. Pony Parties are also available and are individually priced by size of group, amount of time, etc.

The “Pony Experience” is $45 plus tax per person. Reservations are required at (808) 447-6569.

Wedding Wars Tonight

The producers of Wedding Wars, which will premier tonight on VH1, invited 12 engaged couples to the North Shore haven of the island of O’ahu…Turtle Bay Resort, in order to compete couple against couple for a $100,000 exclusive Turtle Bay Resort wedding. Little did they know as they were checking into their luxury cottages that they would soon be living in the same jungles used by LOST as the home of the ‘smokemonster’.

The series premiers tonight on VH1 at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central, 9 pm Pacific and 6 pm Hawaiian time…but as always, check with your local provider for any local time changes. Check out their trailer below:

Turtle Bay is OK

Turtle Bay Resort employees worked through the night to ensure their guests were safe and protected as a tsunami warning indicated the possibility of a tsunami hitting the Island of O’ahu at approximately 3:25 am this morning.

The main building at Turtle Bay Resort is designed with potential tsunamis in mind. The safest place is in the corridors on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th floors. Shortly after 2 am Turtle Bay Resort staff moved guests out of their rooms and into those corridors. People brought blankets, pillows, computers and games into the hallways and made an event out of it. Approximately 5 am the “all clear” word came and people moved back into their rooms. Turtle Bay Resort received no damages.

Check it out Monday

12 engaged couples will battle each other for the destination wedding of a lifetime while facing challenges on a remote island that will put their relationship to the ultimate test.

Hosted by Michele Merkin, “Wedding Wars” is a competition-elimination show where each week teams of soon-to-be brides and grooms will fight tooth and nail for a shot at their dream wedding and incredible prizes. BUT, these couples are in for a huge shock when they learn they won’t be competing at a five star resort (Turtle Bay Resort) or getting any special treatment. Instead, the couples are being exiled to a remote island with little food or water and in order to win the wedding of their dreams, they must brave the elements and survive in the wilderness as they compete in trying challenges.

VH1’s Wedding Wars Airs

Imagine yourself coming to an exotic resort in order to win the romantic wedding of a lifetime. Then imagine having the rug pulled out from under you as you are transported away to a remote island location. That’s what Wedding Wars envisioned. The show airs March 14th on VH1. Check out their trailer:

Cougar Town Finishes Filming

ABC’s hit television show Cougar Town just finished filming their 2nd season final episode at Turtle Bay Resort. The Crew and Cast of the show posed for the picture to the right in the Bay Club moments after the director said “its a wrap”.

This marks an additional milestone in the relationship with Disney-ABC at the resort. LOST filmed here for all 6 seasons. Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides filmed here over the past summer. Turtle Bay Resort has also reached out to work with the new ABC hit Off the Map.

The Cougar Town’s one hour season finale is currently scheduled to air on May 5th. As always, check your local listing for air times and program shifts.

Couple Wins TBR on Regis & Kelly

Charles McAdoo, 86, met his lovely wife Rosella, 84, more than 70 years ago in school. They lost touch with each other after high school, but were reunited again in 2009. Charles (then a widower) and Rosella (then a widow) wasted no time getting together and they were married on Valentines Day of 2010. (Photos are Courtesy of Disney ABC Domestic)

Rosella submitted their love story to the “Live! With Regis and Kelly” show and they were one of only five couples chosen out of the thousands of entries for this week’s Valentine’s Day themed week on Live! entitled the “World’s Greatest Love Story”.

Regis teased the couple for hugging and kissing while on the show. When Charles said there were “no children yet-but we’re trying” Kelly responded “Keep practicing!”

Rosella stated in her entry that Charles had always wanted to see the World War II Memorial at Pearl Harbor so Regis and Kelly awarded them with an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, staying at the famous Turtle Bay Resort along with $3,000 in spending money. Turtle Bay Resort has lined up a special tour of Pearl Harbor for the couple during their stay.

After it was all over, they sat down and said a few words. Check it out below:

Kahuku Job Shadows

Kahuku High School students were allowed to “apply” for jobs at Turtle Bay Resort through their school career counselors. Those “hired” were able to go on a field trip to Turtle Bay Resort and participate in a job shadowing program in selected fields. Some students picked front desk, others culinary…and still others fields such as accounting, sales, public relations, housekeeping, human resources and property operations. After spending the entire morning working alongside our  employees in their selected fields, the students joined their mentors for lunch in the employee cafeteria.

This Job Shadow partnership between Kahuku High School and Turtle Bay Resort has been going on for at least 10 years (no one could remember for sure how long) and it gives the students a great opportunity to actually experience real life  careers and determine where their true interests lie so they can better plan out their future education needs.

The students posed here for this picture along with Turtle Bay Resort staff as their morning began.

Wedding Wars-March 14th

Young women dream about and begin to plan their weddings from a very young age. Some men do the same. Imagine a scenario where engaged couples were able to compete for a grand prize of a luxurious wedding. Our wedding planners can imagine!

Premiering on VH1 on Monday night, March 14th at 9 pm ET/PT, Wedding Wars follows 12 engaged couples who will battle each other for the destination wedding of a lifetime. Hosted by Michele Merkin, each week will feature drama, competitions and eliminations, with all the twists and turns you could imagine engaged couples could experience.

We will be watching…you should too in order to see and witness the surprises in store!

Stand Up Takes Off!

Turtle Bay Resort was one of the beneficiaries of the phenomenal competition that took place at the first event of the Stand Up World Tour for 2011, the Sunset Beach Pro. For those of you who missed the action in person, check out the events in the clip below and set your calendars for next winter so you can be here and share the excitement in person:

Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge

Na Kama Kai teaches the youth of Hawaii to live their lives in accordance with the ‘olelo no’eau, which means “a traditional wise proverb”, of Keiki Aloha Kai Aloha, which means “Beloved Child, Beloved Sea”. This relationship dates back to the Hawaiian ancestral beliefs that makes the Earth, with land and sea, a sister with Kane, or mankind…with  each sibling responsible to take care of each other. Children are taught to care for their sibling, the earth and sea, with the respect and the honor befitting a beloved family member

One of the talents developed by the ancestors was the ability to become one with the waves…be it by canoe, sailing vessel or board. So to us here in Hawaii, the renaissance of the art of Stand Up Paddling is just a confirmation of our past.

With that in mind, a dozen of young competitors, ages 11 to 17, met at Turtle Bay Resort today to compete in the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge. Every participant was a winner because they understand the relationship of mankind with the earth and sea; but, as with every competition…only one can be named the the best of the day.

Guest judges included the top watermen of the world, Robby Naish, Ekolu Kalama and Kai Lenny. They had a tough time as they looked at the abilities of these young people to navigate the world famous North Shore winter surf…but they had to make a decision, which they did. Bernd Roediger took first place, Matt Becker took second, Kody Koerbox took third and Ridge Lenny, the younger brother of current world champion Kai Lenny  took fourth.

Turtle Bay Resort is pleased to be associated with such a great group of outstanding young men and we wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Kai Lenny takes Sunset Beach Pro

The competition today was fierce from the very beginning, setting up the stage for a classical finale that held the crowd and the competitors in suspense…waiting for the final ride of the day that finished just as the final horn blew. It was only seconds, but with the weight of anticipation hanging heavily in the air, it seamed a lot longer. Finally the announcement was made. Kai Lenny won the Sunset Beach Pro, presented by Turtle Bay Resort, by 1 point!

Robin Johnston came in second, Peyo Lizarazu was third and Zane Schweitzer finished 4th. Today marked the first time that  both  Johnston and Zane Schweitzer have made it into the finals.

2nd Round brings Huge Waves

Round two of the sunset Beach Pro saw 12 of the day’s field of 24 qualifying for (as long as the waves are there) tomorrow’s Semi Finals. Bernie Baker, a famous Hawaii Waterman, took this picture of Kai Lenny, who is dwarfed by the size of the wave.

Today saw broken boards, snapped leashes and lost paddles. The Hawaiian water rescue teams were kept busy in every heat helping competitors deal with the heavy surf. Ultimately, continued competition today was suspended after a riders meeting decided by popular vote that the conditions were just too hazardous. A call will be made tomorrow morning as to whether competition will resume.

The 12 athletes going forward to compete in the semi finals are: Connor Baxter, Brennan Rose, Chuck Patterson, Pomai Hoapiu, Slater Trout, Charles Kaili, Noland Keaulana, Kody Kerbox, Haley Fiske, Abraham Shouse, Freddy Huihui, and Serge Carabasse. Check out www.standupworldtour.com for additional information and click the video below for today’s highlights:

Opening Trials…Wow!

What a glorious way to start out the second year of the Sunset Beach Pro, which is the first stop on the Stand Up World Tour for 2011. After the stars from last season stopped by at Turtle Bay Resort for the Expression Session on Saturday, Sunday found the top unseeded competitors from around the world competing for the remaining open spots. Check out the action:

Kai Lenny Sponsored by Turtle Bay

At today’s Expression Session, where the top contenders for this years Stand Up World Tour put on a picture perfect presentation to delighted north shore guests, Turtle Bay Resort‘s Mark “Skip” Taylor and Drew Stotesbury announced Turtle Bay Resort’s sponsorship of Kai Lenny. Kai is just barely 18 years old, yet he is the current reining world champion of the Stand Up World Tour. This announcement signifies a significant step forward by  the  new ownership to the Waterman League and all that it stands for.

Kai Lenny is a true waterman. At only 18 years old, he is a top surfer, a top stand up surfer, a top kite surfer and he could even run cross country if he wanted to (he runs several miles a day). He is also a scholar, finishing High School in just a few weeks  (a bit early). His skill in the classroom and his skill as an ambassador for good…combined with his ability to perform at the highest levels of competition in the water made him a natural pick to represent Turtle Bay Resort.

Turtle Bay Resort knows what it takes to be unique and as a result it is with great honor we announce this sponsorship. We wish Kai the best of success this week at the Sunset Beach Pro as well as the additional upcoming events this year throughout the world. We will keep you posted on his victories!

Turtle Bay Resort is the Presenting Sponsor of the Sunset Beach Pro. Watch it live on OC-16 (local Hawaii) or live on the web at at www.standupworldtour.com or at www.freecaster.tv,